The Civic Minds project aimed at exploring new methodologies capable of promoting active interaction and discussion between citizens on matters related to EU policies that affected their daily life.

Civic_minds_logo_projektThe citizens in the EU countries were engaged in discussions and events that allowed the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity, while contributing at the same time to intercultural dialogue, but also in discussions about the European policies and the future of the EU. They became familiar with key issues regarding the EU policies and they were invited to express their opinions in a fully aware way.

Europe: What are we? What are we like? What shapes our emotions and attitudes in today’s confusing times? How does present-day society form us? What values do we believe in?

  • CM was an untraditionally conceived set of photographs, films and workshops focusing on the essentials – people in Europe and their emotions.
  • CM ambition´s were to arouse emotions, provoke questions, provide opportunities to examine ourselves and our surroundings and make a confrontation with it.
  • CM introduced diverse people from all over the Europe: We all come from one planet, we are connected, we influence each other. Every human being carries his or her own story, reveals him or herself, narrates, and wants to share emotions. Every action causes a reaction – by our activity, we transfer our feelings and energy into our surroundings. We wanted to show that everyone is equal in expressing emotions, even though they may have different opinions, or come from different races and different countries.
  • CM traveled through partner´s  cities, various countries /CZ, SK, AT, PL/.
  • CM only cost visitors their time, as there were no entrance fee.

Coordinator: Art Movement (Czech Republic)
Contact: Ms Katerina Riley

Funding programme: Europe for Citizens