CIVICO – Fostering Civic Competence Amongst Students

“Fostering civic competence amongst students” is a two years Comenius project aimed to promote civic issues amongst European Students thanks to a Guide, addressed to teachers and based on active didactics, contained high quality lessons plan on civic education’s topics.

logo-civicoThe consortium which has undertaken this project, is composed by experts on education and didactics coming from Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and Denmark. They worked together in order to create a flexible tool – the Guide – that take into consideration cultural and social differences, exploitable from all the European Countries (it is translated in 10 languages).

The Guide meant to be not only a simple didactic instrument, but also an inspiration for all the educators interested on enhancing the potential of their students to become active and aware citizens. The Guide is directed to educators teaching to 14+ pupils, but, due to its flexibility, can be suitable for younger students as well.

The life cycle of CIVICO can be summarise as follow: a need analysis and a survey have been carried out by the partners previous to the submission of the project. In the first months, the consortium, discussed and decided a mutual Civic Competence definition and a lessons plan template based on active didactic, designed to complete the Guide. The initial version of the lessons plan have been piloted in the schools partner. After a successfully pilot phase, the final version of the “Guide on fostering Civic Competences” have been completed.

In the second year the partners undertook a very strong dissemination and exploitation activity. Several teachers, schools, associations located in different European countries, were contacted and involved in the employ of the CIVICO’s Guide.
The CIVICO’s web-site and the Facebook page allow to inform a more wide range of stakeholders, even out of the European boundaries.

Coordinator: ASEV (Italy)
Contact: Ms Giulia Rigoli

Funding programme: LLP-Comenius