I AM EUROPE is an Exploratory Expedition into the Heart of European Citizenship.
In the project 250 European citizens will explore how to improve political participation in shaping EU policies.

I AM Ebanner-iameurope-lets-talkUROPE aims to contribute to the movement launched by citizens, thinkers, civil society organizations and activists to enhance the practice of citizenship and democratic procedures at the European level and empower the political and social involvement of Europeans.

I AM EUROPE is working with citizens and organizations who are already strongly engaged in local civic initiatives. The project is built on the valuable knowledge and experience of these active and committed citizens who are willing to contribute with constructive proposals to democratic policymaking in Europe.

The project is designed in small steps so that participants can bridge the gap between the local and the EU level:

  • Exchange of best practices: the project starts with research and exchange of local civic initiatives and best methodologies developed by the participating organizations.
  • Citizens’ meetings and deliberations: the project continues with a series of citizens meetings organized on all partner sites, followed by joint sessions for group delegations. At these joint sessions the delegations discuss themes such as: European values, the EU’s impact on daily lives, potential and limits of participation as a political instrument (on local and EU level), communication strategies towards policymakers and community. Throughout the project, the participants assess the current participation mechanisms provided by the EU, formulate improvements and put forward innovative models of participation that are applicable at the EU level.
  • Final conference: the project culminates in a closing public meeting in Brussels, attended by all participating citizens, policymakers and thinkers to discuss the citizens proposals and brainstorm further on concrete ideas for empowering the European democracy.

Coordinator: Evens Foundation (Belgium)
Contact: Ms Joanna Krawczyk

Funding programme: Europe for Citizens