LS6 – Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues

The LS6 partnership brings together experts with a shared scientific interest in developing language learning across linguistic and cultural backgrounds, who are committed to engaging in creative collaboration in order to investigate the interactive dynamics between media use and learning across the life span.

LS6_Logo_shortThe network explores the potential of new and innovative approaches in lifelong learning through the use of social networking tools in relation to educational approaches, concepts and resources.

This combination of media expertise and training at different educational levels, coupled with the cultural diversity of the partners, provides a rich background for developing novel models of lifelong learning. Furthermore, it allows investigation of new ways of adapting and transferring innovative education and media approaches in various European countries.

It has been envisaged that the projected outputs are delivered throughout the period of the research project. In this respect, the network has been working on developing and implementing new applications in education in relation to ongoing technological development – solutions that are not yet available in any of the new European countries participating in the Lifelong Learning Program.

Therefore, LS6 has been placing ‘language learning and social media’ at the core of network activities. It specifically deals with six key dimensions of this relationship:

  • Language learning, social media and social inclusion
  • Language learning, social media and development of language resources
  • Language learning and teaching through social media in new EU countries: the case of Romania, Latvia and Poland
  • Language learning, social media and multilingualism
  • Language learning through social media: evolution of teaching practices
  • Language learning and teaching in formal and non formal contexts through ICT

In 2011 we decided to add two new dimensions to the existing six dimensions within LS6:

  • Social media and Interculturality in language education
  • Socializing and learning languages in web 2.0 communities

The LS6 key dialogues are achieved and sustained by a network of national and international associate partners in addition to the 14 main partners. The main findings of every key dialogue are published regularly in many European languages such as EN, FR, DE, ES, PL, FI, LV & RO (involving LWULT). They are made public on the LS6 network official communication channels as well as at public venues targeting the general public and expert communities.

LS6 is very committed to constantly pursuing the identification and establishment of new approaches by making expert knowledge available to the general public and, more importantly, by creating opportunities for providing feedback and exchange, not only from experts, but also from various individuals interested in the topic concerned.

Another important aspect within the research project is investigating effective ways of sharing knowledge among individuals attending a workshop virtually and/or physically and bringing both forms of participation into productive interaction. Active participation in a shared debate is achieved through social media.

Coordinator: University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Contact: Mr Charles Max

Funding programme: LLP-Key activity 2 Languages