Remember – Keep alive the past memory for the future

The purpose of the project REMEMBER consisted in creating the framework for integrating and accumulating new pieces of knowledge upon the events that had taken place during the period 1944-1964 throughout Eastern Europe, when fundamental, democratic and traditional values had been destroyed in the context of the Stalinist occupation and of the imposition of the comunist dictatorship.

1-Remember-LogoThe specific objectives aimed at imparting and at exchanging experience with respect to the modalities of remembering this dark side of history as support for building a new profile of active citizen of Europe. The target grups were: Researchers and investigation groups: teachers, students and young students, musem workers; Survivors and descendants of anticomunist resistance; Large public.

Two events were organized:

  • Workshop in Brasov &Fagaras, Romania, in November 2009, with the theme “Remembrance of Pain and Hope”. This event allowed getting acquainted more in detail with the activity of the project participants, presenting one’s preoccupations as regards the approached theme, preparing the plan of the exhibition with the same theme, projecting the framework for the next event;
  • International Symposium in Fagaras, Romania, in July 2010, with the theme “Calvary – Deportations and Destinies”, on which occasion the exhibition “Deportations and Destinies” that had been proposed was launched.

These events allowed a better understanding and comprehesion of the dark aspects of the period 1944-1964 which had occured throughout the countries of Eastern Europe and the restoration, and the  enhancement of the fundamental democratic values for the citizens throughout Eastern Europe, with reflections for the citizens of the entire Europe.

A strong connection was created among the partners from Romania, Bulgaria and Germany, for promoting the European values of dignity, liberty and socio-economic and cultural support. This network continues to develop actions on the approached field and to enlarge with new members.

Coordinator: Negru Voda Cultural Foundation, Fagaras (Romania)
Contact: Ms Elena Helerea

Funding programme: Europe for Citizens – Activ European Remembrance