REPERES is an innovative initiative for European citizenship training based on situating the family and personal history of the learner in the context of European integration history.

logos partenaires REPERESThe aim of rooting historical, political, economic and cultural knowledge shared during the training in individual experience is to help the learners establish a personal connection with the European project and become part of it, being aware of their role and their ability to take action in their environment.

The training is based on the emotional context that underpins the choices, judgements and actions of learners, a dimension that is often underestimated or missing from education strategies.

The modules form a coherent whole based on a learning progression. The main modules can be used as part of a full training scheme that takes place over 32 hours.

The products are training modules, explanatory and, methodological notes for trainers, questionnaires, a memory game on european culture.

Coordinator: Maison de L’Europe Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées (France)
Contact: Ms Geneviève Saint-Hubert or Mr Marco Gabellini
Email: or

Funding programme: LLP-Grundtvig