SLIC – Sustainable Learning in the Community

Raising awareness for older people’s skills and experience and creating opportunities for learning and engagement
The SLIC project aimed to empower older people to become active citizens, encourage the development of skills and competences through formal and informal learning opportunities and to directly link the concepts of Lifelong Learning and community involvement.

sliclogo-ohneA two-day competence workshop was developed and delivered involving more than 100 older people from different backgrounds. An integral part of the workshop was the personal skills profile and action plan which participants developed in the course of the workshop. Participants werethus enabled  to reflect on prior learning experience and to become aware of their existing skills and competences.

A Hungarian learner said about the skills profile:
“It is very useful to acknowledge what we know. The training can help us look back, summarise, release negative things and plan our future.”

The SLIC-handbook provides details on how to run the SLIC Workshop and offers different tool and is available in English, German, Finnish, Hungarian and Italian.

The SLIC- project enhanced the identity and self-esteem of older learners and volunteers and fostered social inclusion and personal development.
Within the follow-up project SLIC II, 60 older people were trained as peer facilitators in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Scotland to run competence workshops in their local communities using the SLIC Handbook as a guide. The 6-day training course inlcuded sessions on how to run the individual workshop activities as well as modules on communication skills, facilitation techniques and dealing with difficult situations. The peer facilitators ran 12 trial workshops with 121 participants to put into practice what they learned within the training.

“Individual facilitator work has helped me be more
self-confident and strengthened my skills”

The main product of SLIC II is the toolkit for the peer facilitator training, including a handbook for trainers, materials for trainees, additional exercises for the SLIC Workshop  and the original SLIC Handbook.

Coordinator: Austrian Red Cross (Austria)
Contact: Ms Cornelia Hackl

Funding programme: LLP-Grundtvig