VOLMANEL – Volunteer Management e-Learning

The overall aims of the VOLMANEL project are to promote the integration of learning with work in the third sector.
Through our project we are undertaking a range of activities which include research in to the sectors needs and approach to learning – the ultimate question being ‘will e-learning effectively meet the needs of the target audience?’

volmanel Project LogoPartners will recruit a pilot group of volunteer managers in each pilot country (Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain) who are facing difficulties in accessing training.  We will support volunteer managers in the sector to access relevant vocational learning via practical work-based activities by recreating a set of proven vocational training materials into an easily accessible e-learning format.  These materials will be translated and localised to ensure the content meets the needs of the pilot groups in the partner countries.  The materials will be tested with volunteer managers who will be supported to access relevant vocational learning via the online learning system, globe.
Finally, we will disseminate and exploit the results of the pilot group evaluation.

Website: www.volmanel.eu
Coordinator: PNE Group (United Kingdom)
Contact: Ms Anne-Maria Brown
Email: anne-maria@pne.org

Funding programme: LLP-Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of innovation